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What is my personal tax account

What is my Personal Tax Account (PTA)

Your Personal Tax Account (PTA) enables you to manage your tax affairs with HMRC online in the same way as an online bank account but for taxes. Any individual can create a Personal Tax Account, providing they can successfully verify their identity.

Some of the services and functions currently available in the PTA include:

• Change of address;
• Check your income tax;
• Find your Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) number;
• Check your state pension;
• Child benefits;
• Claim tax relief on expenses for working from home;
• Marriage allowance;
• Find your national insurance number;
• Repayments;
• Self Assessment;
• Tax calculation service;
• Check and manage your tax credits;
• Trusted helper.

You can also track tax forms that you’ve submitted online. You can find out more about your PTA and the services you can access through it, on the

HMRC have produced a guide that you can see on the above website. The guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to carry out actions in your PTA.

It also explains what a PTA is and then prompts you to take actions by directing you to certain areas of the guide including:

• You and your family
• You and your work
• Your money and property
• Your retirement
• Things HMRC may send you during the tax year; and
• Other useful things you can do in your Personal Tax Account.


It is unfortunate that by registering for a PTA with HMRC it is not a 10 minute job as they state and there are a number of steps and records you need to hand before commencing. You can access your PTA through the above website as above. You may also find yourself automatically directed to your PTA when you use services that are now available as part of the account, for example the tax credits online service or when you sign in to use HMRC’s Self-Assessment online services.

Unfortunately, accountants, like us are not allowed to access your PTA, but we do strongly suggest clients register as there is very often information therein that may be helpful to not only yourself, but to us as well in dealing with your tax affairs.